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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chain Ferry out of action; Again!

The ferry on the one day last year it worked
The chain link car ferry that connects Cowes to East Cowes is out of action, yet again.

Severe weather on the island over the past few weeks has resulted in localised flooding around the chain link ferry connection points. This follows on from the ferry being out of action during a large portion of the summer due to chain expansion in the heat.

"This is getting seriously silly," said local resident Humphrey Dumphrey, 47. "I am a regular user of the ferry to get from my house in East Cowes to my job as a milkman in Cowes."


  1. It's about time islanders started taking care of themselves and stopped relying on mainlanders to fix their problems, we've all seen where that has gotten us.

  2. David Pugh should do something about this.