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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ryde Protests over submerged rail station

Artists impression of a flooded station
Residents of Ryde are up in arms over the location of Ryde Pier Head rail station according to Google Maps and SatNavs.

"If you look on Google Maps or on your SatNav," said Ryde council woman, Hillary Dale, "you can plainly see the station is in the sea. About     five hundred metres out. Or is that feet? No matter."

Local residents fear for visitors to the station, who might end up in the water trying to reach the station. The popular station that runs services from the head of the pier into the centre of Ryde, is in fact not in the sea, but on the pier itself. Local residents want signs putting up, warning about the dangers of attempting to drive off the end of the pier.


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  1. I've caught the train their several times, best wear your Wellies.