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Saturday, 30 June 2012

IoWNews Blog Admits "No new stories"

Bring back our editor!
There have been rumours circulating across the internet that the Isle of Wight News blog has had something happen to it in the eight, nine? months since its last entry.

There have been rumours that the editor has been abducted by aliens, that the CIA noticed one of the stories matched one of their 'overthrow a government' plans or that the editor had been on a massive, murderous rampage, taking out all the contributors. None of these rumours are true.Nor is it true that the Isle of Wight sank into the sea, was towed closer to France by Jersey and Guernsey island pirates nor has it been merged with the Isle of Dogs and renamed Isle of Poodle.

The truth of the matter is that the editor got a little fed up with the Isle of Wight News Blog, and wanted to concentrate on 'There's An App For It' instead for a while, even going as far as producing App World! a book for the Kindle. Not satisfied with that, he got drafted (or draughted, given the alcoholic incentive) into contributing to The Dorking Review, a paper back available from Amazon. However, being a flighty flibbertigibbet, the editor soon tired of inventing apps for the iPhone and writing fictitious stories constrained to a small town in Surrey, and has decided to return - at least for a while - to the Isle of Wight News. No doubt, over the coming months, the blog will be back in full swing, churning more tissues of lies than Kleenex. 

This will all happen once the aliens have returned the editor to his sofa in Dorking.

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  1. Hello Iain B. I wanted to comment on a news story on Spoofnews..
    Sorry to be the grammar police, but in the phrase 'its tram', the word "its" should not have an apostrophe. Also,further in the article, it should read "population is" not "are".
    I do like your writing - you'll see I'm on your 'fans' list!