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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Advertisement: Lady Gardeners

Lady Gardeners: You'll ask us to come again and again
The following is an advertisement

Lady Gardeners understand that women who live alone sometimes prefer if their hired help are not men, and our team of extra friendly women are on call seven days a week to visit where you need us most.

Lady Gardeners can visit you in your home at your convenience, we offer the highest service and understand your needs and how to achieve your desires. We'll freshen you up for spring, or tidy you up for winter.

Lady Gardeners can tidy your bushes, care for your lawns and tame your jungle. We will never put anything in your garden you don't want there, but all of our customers call us back, because we know what they want in their garden.



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  2. With our early and unsually harsh winter it is heartening to know that good people are dedicated to our wonderful island gardens.

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