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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hoping for a Wight Christmas

Sent in by text last year, burrrilliant
Like everybody on the Isle of Wight, we are hoping for a White Christmas.

We didn't have one last Christmas, but the signs are good that the snow afflicting the mainland will reach us just in time for the festive season. Please note, this is not a weather forecast, and any bets placed on this prediction are entirely at your own risk!

With the Christmas lights now twinkling in the Newport pedestrianised area, we already look quite Christmasy, and our thoughts turn to the Christmas Card competition.



  1. Too bad I wasn't able to spend Christmas at Isle of Wight. I hope I could spend Isle of Wight Holidays this year. I really love the island.

  2. What is it meant to be like this year? I bet at Christmas it is lovely, I only ever see the Isle of Wight in Spring on Cricket Tour.
    Chris @ Pet Friendly Cottages in Isle of Wight