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Monday, 15 November 2010

Derek Acorah visits Wooton

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Delight and amazement were the emotions on the faces of the residents of Wooton when Psychic Superstar Derek Acorah, 60, turned up at the village hall.

"He wasn't booked," said Kathy Dewsnap, 32 of nearby Wootton village. "Apparently, he'd meant to be going to Walton, but mistyped the address into his sat-nav. We don't mind though, because he was amazing."

Acorah has never visited the Isle of Wight before, nor played a venue as small as Wooton Village Hall, giving the occasion an even more special air. On the day that Acorah turned up the village hall was meant to be hosting the fifth birthday party of Brindley Dewsnap, 5, also of Wootton, but the party was quickly abandoned in favour of Acorah doing his psychic medium show.


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