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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Accident Leaves Dorset Man 'Broken'

A Dorset man was said to be 'beside himself' today after suffering a massive personal loss, after a horrific accident.

The accident occurred last night, at about 10:30pm in his local public house. Gesticulating wildly whilst telling a rather slurred, but whimsical, tale about a man who lives on the Isle of Wight, Geoff Badger lost grip of his mobile telephone and threw it to the ground.

At first the handset looked to have survived the unexpected knock, as it bounced accross the tiled floor, but closer inspection told another story entirely.

The top right corner was badly dented, and this localised shock had impacted badly on the screen, creating a'crazy paving' style pattern accross the glass frontage.

Terry Stain, witness, said "Geoff just shrugged it off at first, said it didn't matter, but we knew that was just the drink talking! We kinda just kept drinking, and didn't mention it, but Geoff went real quiet and kept taking his 'phone out and looking at it."

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