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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Free Cooking Lessons Next Week

Boiling water can be DANGEROUS
The Ladies Auxiliary of Ventnor will be presenting free lessons to the public on How to Boil Water next week at Park Community Centre.

No experience is necessary. Learn the history of boiling water as well as fun and different techniques you can try at home. Introductory and Advanced courses to be offered.

Instructor Molly Jones

Boiling Water - Level 1 Beginner

- So you think you know how to boil water?
- It all begins with the water
- Famous Englishmen who have boiled water
- Boiling water through history
- The Chinese, boiling water and Marco Polo
- Where do the bubbles come from and where do they go?
- Does water have to be hot to boil?
- Step-by-step demonstration

Boiling Water - Level 2 Advanced

Prerequisite - Boiling Water - Level 1, hands-on, bring your own pot, water will be supplied, appropriate clothing recommended.

- Types of pots – the importance of handles
- Placing the water in the pot
- Different heat sources - gas, electric, wood fire
- Rotating the knob and igniting the flame
- Watching water come to a boil - does it really slow things down?
- Pros and cons of egg timers
- Tips and techniques - covered or non-covered, adding salt and why it works
- Multi-tasking – watching television, washing dishes, scolding
- Trivets for function and safety

Donations accepted, proceeds to the Morse Dancers travel fund.

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